Video-Supported Collaborative Learning (VSCL) MOOC

Video-Supported Education Alliance

Video-Supported Collaborative Learning (VSCL) MOOC

ViSuAL MOOC course will give you insight into the use of Video-Supported Collaborative Learning (VSCL), including models, tips and tools to create your own VSCL scenarios.

The MOOC is divided into three modules:
1. VSCL – Changing roles of the teachers
2. Video technologies for VSCL
3. Planning a learning scenario

This MOOC course is most suitable for:
*educators in Higher Education Institutions
*educators in Vocational Education and Training (VET)
*teachers or teacher students interested in video-supported collaborative learning
*educational designers from educational technology companies.

You can sign-up here and start studying at any time. It takes about 10-12 hours to work through the whole course.

Special thanks to Minna Koskinen and Eila Burns from JAMK University of Applied Sciences, to Vesna Belogaska from IRIS Connect, to Frank de Jong from AERES University of Applied Sciences Wageningen and to everyone else who helped to create this MOOC!

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