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News from Nordic Simulators

The Covid-19 pandemic in Finland has given rise to new visions and has brought along new needs in schools and hospitals. Schools and hospitals are the largest users of simulation environments and technologies in the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has treated these two customer segments very differently. The altruistic care activities and the personal sacrifice of hospital staff everywhere has been very impressive indeed. Simultaneously the closing down of schools and the adaptation of new learning methods have changed the operational culture in schools.

Hospitals have mainly asked for peace and calm to do their important job and the needs have largely revolved around general help to secure the functional ability and appropriate orientation trainings for the staff. Also the availability of information concerning Covid-19 treatment protocols have been widely praised in these times, which have created a completely new way of sharing knowledge and have also shown how quickly research information can be shared to hospitals globally.

Simulation environments in schools have also been seen in a new light in terms of distance learning. In Finnish schools the backbone has been built on good technology which, when slightly modified, has been able to stretch to top level distance learning functionality. Also the innovative approach of teachers has created versatility in the teaching process. The recording and debriefing systems in simulation centers along with versatile image sharing capabilities have enabled technical workshops distance teaching especially in the healthcare sector.

Ari-Petteri Ilon
Nordic Simulators

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