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News from IRIS Connect

We are at a time of unprecedented challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, affecting every aspect of life globally and creating disruption likely to last for the foreseeable future. However, difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions. Can the current crisis prompt a moment of reflection and use this as a catalyst for change? Can this appalling challenge become an opportunity to evolve and improve practice? 

In the education sector, many schools, universities, teachers, industry partners and others have responded with incredible flexibility and remarkable dedication. With educational institutions largely closed to most learners in the past few months, teachers have been forced to think quickly on their feet, and adapt to new ways of communicating with colleagues and students alike. Many have been involved in ad hoc innovation and worked incredibly hard to support students, making materials available online in a blend of asynchronous and synchronous teaching. 

Technology of all shapes and sizes is being used to support this new approach to teaching and learning, and the challenge is not just whether they can physically deliver teaching online, but whether that teaching remains effective in the different settings it is taking place. Some of it is excellent, but is simply transferring content to the internet enough? Is there much more that needs to be done?

IRIS Connect is a platform that uses video but it is far more than a simple video capture tool. We work closely with schools, Initial Teacher Education (ITE) universities, training and research bodies in various sectors in 30 countries around the world as a solution for many of the traditional obstacles for education and training.

As a professional learning company with a long track record of engaging teachers in learning over distance, we believe we are uniquely positioned to support educational institutions in this period of change. 

In addition to using a secure video recording app and a range of tools and processes for training, professional development, coaching, collaboration and remote assessment, we recently launched new tools and resources to support the transition to distance learning. These include:

  • Distance learning toolkit to support teachers’ well-being, the change management, collaborative learning and sharing of resources, including Distance Learning Film Club series as a proven model of effective professional development, including live webinars between 2 – 15 June;
  • Screen capture – to make practice visible and easy to share, reflect on and refine, wherever it’s happening – online or on site;
  • Video conferencing – to connect teachers, wherever they are, and facilitate dialogue, which is at the heart of effective professional learning;
  • Student groups – to engage with learners; store lesson resources which students can access and view either during or outside of a lesson.

Watch this video for a summary and demonstration of our effective distance learning CPD tools.

In the UK, in addition to supporting the core community of teachers, our tools have become indispensable for doctors to record their online consultations for training and assessment due to the restrictions of Covid-19. The security, ease of use and collaborative approach of IRIS Connect have made it possible for the assessment to continue remotely and allow trainee doctors to obtain their qualifications.

We believe that education needs to see itself more as an ecosystem embracing professionals and organisations – as a company we want to work in collaboration with Initial Teacher Education providers so if you are interested in any of the issues raised or would like to know more, why not get in touch for a conversation. 

Vesna Belogaska
IRIS Connect

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