News from Bloco Gráfico

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News from Bloco Gráfico

With new challenges, like the coronavirus pandemic, there are new opportunities and new ways to help the community. Here in Bloco Gráfico, with that in mind, we knew that we had to raise to the challenge. So Escola Virtual became free during this state of emergency so students and teachers alike could use and be helped while working from home. This meant going from 250 000 to more than 800 000 users in a very short time.

As we felt that we could do more, we also did a series of webinars (ongoing) every Thursday called Encurtar @ distância (shortening distances). These webinars aim to demonstrate that the significant learning experience in e-learning implies more than the simple transposition of face-to-face methodologies to digital environment. With these initiatives Bloco Gráfico hopes to help teachers and students alike to keep working as they were or even better themselves.

João Manuel Pereira
Bloco Gráfico

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