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ViSuAL project newsletters

ViSuAL Newsletter Issue 1 (November 2018)

ViSuAL Newsletter Issue 2 (March 2019)

ViSuAL Newsletter Issue 3 (June 2019)

ViSuAL Newsletter Issue 4 (September 2019)

ViSuAL Newsletter Issue 5 (December 2019)

ViSuAL Newsletter Issue 6 (March 2020)

ViSuAL Newsletter Issue 7 (June 2020)

Issue 8 (coming in September 2020)


ViSuAL project materials

Video-supported collaborative learning: Research report on state of the art (deliverable 3.1)

Lead-user analysis (deliverable 3.2)

Pre-experimentation interview data (deliverable 3.3)

Need analysis (deliverable 3.4)

Academic publication (deliverable 3.5)

Academic publications (deliverable 4.6 will be ready in December 2020)

Technology demonstrations (deliverable 5.5 will be ready in January 2020)

Co-creation partnership model (deliverable 5.6 will be ready in August 2020)

Evaluation tool for teachers to assess the professional development via video-supported collaborative learning  (deliverable 6.1), webinar

Human Impact Assessment (deliverable 6.2)

Impact assessment on the co-creation process (deliverable 6.4 will be ready in September 2020)

Storyboard format for experimentation design (deliverable 7.1)

Teachers’ Manual (deliverable 7.2 will be ready in June 2020)

Hyper-video MOOC (deliverable 7.3 will be ready in October 2020)

MESH-Guide (deliverable 7.4 will be ready in October 2020)

Inspiration Workshops (deliverable 7.5 will be ready in December 2020)

Open research community on video-supported education (deliverable 8.1), webinar

Open data and research strategy (deliverable 8.3)webinar

20 video blog posts under the title “ViSuAL Experiments” (deliverable 8.4)

EAPRIL Conference Cloud workshops and sessions in 2018 and 2019 (deliverable 8.5)