Nordic Simulators Ltd

Video-Supported Education Alliance

Nordic Simulators Ltd was established in 2007, and is based in Lahti, Finland. The company provides either partial or turnkey solutions to the customers, who are looking for high quality simulation training facilities. Nordic Simulators provides the design, technical & construction plans and audio-visual technology to simulation centers, in order to conduct pedagogically correct full-scale simulation trainings. The AV-solutions to record & debriefing training sessions are of high quality and easy to use, which makes those solutions popular among educational experts. Simulation is already a standard teaching method in various educational institutions, and the product solutions makes it even easier to utilize in daily education. Nordic Simulators are interested in developing new solutions for daily educational work, from simulation perspective. The method is already proven to be effective and highly motivational tool within education & learning, and they are seeking interactive dialogue to chart the future needs for the teachers in various learning institutions.

Solutions of Nordic Simulators Ltd enhance collaborative learning via video recording enhanced shared reflection after simulated practices. The company has strong expertise in designing learning environments for collaborative training exercises and debriefing (reflection) after the simulation. 360 video options and mobile video recording solutions bridge the work life into  education. As an Educational Technology Designer (ETD), Nordic Simulators offers solutions for the video content sharing and group reflection. The sharing of video recordings from real-world context, such as from practical training or work place help to bridge the education and work-life. At the same time, the collaborative reflection of the shared video content can enable a knowledge building process.