Video-Supported Education Alliance

Developed in Switzerland, by the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (SFIVET), iVideo.education enables all teachers and trainers, with no particular computer skills, to customize and structure learning material for their own teaching or training activity, using existing or self-made footage and producing their own hypervideos through an intuitive, graphical user interface.

iVideo.education was developed in theoretical framework that sheds lights on the added values that hypervideos offer. Hypervideos – or interactive videos – add to the benefits of a traditional video four main features: (1) advanced navigational control, that allows users to explore the video under non-linear trajectories, through a panel-like table of content which segments the video in sub-sections; (2) hyperlinking function, enabling a. to insert blinking markers in the video to focus the learners’ attention on specific relevant details and b. to link the marker to additional information (images, texts, external documents or web pages) in order, for example, to anchor theory to practice; (3) quiz function, allowing to insert questions in the video to immediately get a formative feedback; (4) video-annotation function, which permits to individually or collaboratively annotate the video to support analytical tasks and foster reflective skills development.