Video-Supported Education Alliance

Flowbox Ltd is a Finnish SME that started operations in 2012. The company specializes in videos and video technology usage with their own software solutions including education video service, video sharing platforms and online video platform. The clientele comprises of several higher education institutes, some cities and unions as well as large corporations. Flowbox’s products allow an organization to produce, disseminate and share information as online videos. Videos and platforms provide the organization an opportunity to renew and develop their operations. The solutions have been designed in accordance to an approach of learning and communication as interactive processes. Furthermore, Flowbox produces video content and helps its clients to produce video content for training and interaction purposes.

As an Educational Technology Designer, Flowbox offers solutions for creation of a learners’ online community, the video content sharing and group reflection can take place in hybrid and distance learning settings. The sharing of video recordings from real-world context, such as from practical training or work place help to bridge the education and work-life. At the same time, the collaborative reflection of the shared video content can enable a knowledge building process.