Aeres University of Applied Sciences Wageningen

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Aeres University of Applied Sciences Wageningen is an educational faculty of the Aeres University of Applied Sciences of the Aeres group. Their key activities include teacher education and training lecturers for “green” education and training, designing and implementing applied and practice oriented research, service provision in its fields of expertise, developing and implementing projects in its fields of expertise, linking to organizations and businesses, and society.
The study programs at Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen focus on teachers, trainers and extension specialists in Education and knowledge management. The programs train students in becoming professionals in the transfer of knowledge in the field of agriculture (agribusiness), horticulture (floral design and retail, landscaping and gardening), food technology, animal breeding and keeping, cooking, catering & hospitality. To prepare students for their future careers, a full-time traineeship in a middle management position is part of every course. The curricula are competence based and development of all courses has been based on recent labour market research. The courses are offered in strong cooperation with the labour market, the field, the sector and 50% of the learning takes place on the job. 98% of the graduates find a suitable job in their qualification area, within 3 months.

The Master of Education (MEd) learning and professional development’ on ‘Learning and Innovating’ is already for five years in a row one designated as one of the TOP Master programs in the Netherlands. The MEd program is based on knowledge building pedagogy.
More than 100 staff members and 800 students of Aeres University of Applied Sciences Wageningen are encouraged to think and act internationally, which manifests as Aeres´ involvement in leading and participating in various international (NUFIC and EU) projects all over the world for developing teacher education or competence oriented curricula. Research topics include knowledge building, cross boundary and research attitude development, professional identity, biomimicry, practice oriented research methodology and practice.