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Video-Supported Education Alliance

News from Nordic Simulators

The Covid-19 pandemic in Finland has given rise to new visions and has brought along new needs in schools and hospitals. Schools and hospitals are the largest users of simulation environments and technologies in the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has treated these two customer segments very differently. The altruistic care activities and the personal sacrifice …

News from IRIS Connect

We are at a time of unprecedented challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, affecting every aspect of life globally and creating disruption likely to last for the foreseeable future. However, difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions. Can the current crisis prompt a moment of reflection and use this as a catalyst for change? Can this appalling …

News from Bloco Gráfico

With new challenges, like the coronavirus pandemic, there are new opportunities and new ways to help the community. Here in Bloco Gráfico, with that in mind, we knew that we had to raise to the challenge. So Escola Virtual became free during this state of emergency so students and teachers alike could use and be …

ViSuAL 2nd cycle experiment № 1 JAMK and IRIS Connect

ViSuAL experimenters and teacher educators Eila and Tuulia from JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland) used IRIS Connect with their students to video-record micro-teaching activities. More information about what they all learned in this video:

The 21st Century technology that is improving trainee teacher education

Colleagues from IRIS Connect have written a very interesting article about ViSuAL project and feedback results from IRIS Connect users from five experiments. Please find the article in the ViSuAL project blog.

Learning from video at Aeres Hogeschool Wageningen

ViSuAL project member Narda Tiebosch is working with part time in-practice teacher students in the Service and Products bachelor of education. The course is about coaching individual learners and groups. Students film and receive peer-feedback based on their own authentic in-practice video material. In this lesson, the students formed their own groups for peer-feedback based on their …

ViSuAL 2nd cycle experiment № 8 AERES and IRIS Connect

Narda from AERES and VET teachers (who are also part-time students) use IRIS Connect so that students can give each other peer feedback on their coaching role in vocational schools. In this video Narda explains how her students learn from each other.

ViSuAL 2nd cycle experiment № 11 Tartu and Flowbox

In the University of Tartu (Estonia), ViSuAL project experimenter Liina used Flowbox ( with teacher students for video diary posts during their first school practice. Did they like making and watching video diaries? Have a look at how it went and what they learned.

Video reflection and supervision with VET teachers

Recently the first meeting with vocational education teachers took place to discuss improving supervision skills through video reflection. Students from Aeres University of Applied Sciences Wageningen are driven to discuss the film of an old student. They already show a lot of implicit knowledge and a lot of experience from the field of VMBO (pre-vocational …

ViSuAL 2nd cycle experiment № 7 AERES and IRIS Connect

ViSuAL experimenter Marije from Higher Education Institute Aeres Wageningen (the Netherlands) introduces one her experiments where teacher education students use IRIS Connect for collaborative learning purposes.