Video-Supported Education Alliance

First steps to create the ViSuAL Teacher’s Manual

First steps to create the ViSuAL Project Teacher’s Manual were taken at JAMK (Finland). Teachers’ Manual on pedagogical models for video-supported collaborative learning will be created based on the data gathered from experimentations and design research process. The Manual will consist of storyboards based on the pedagogical models and experimentations together with research evidence. Teacher’s …

ViSuAL 1st cycle experiment № 5 – JAMK and EdVisto

ViSuAL experimenter Elina from Finland used EdVisto with her business students. In this video she introduces her experiment.

Experiment about coaching skills

Researchers from Aeres University of Applied Sciences Wageningen use IRIS Connect and start their experimentation in February. Training teachers start to give each other feedback on the basis of their films of conversations with their students in their own classroom.

ViSuAL project meeting with LUT and JAMK in Lahti

A meeting at LUT University with Sirpa from JAMK took place. They made plans about company interviews and discussed the Business-HEI collaboration model. They had a fun and efficient afternoon!

Fifth recording session with teacher Angélica’s students

Today we had the last recording session with teacher Angelica’s students at Escola do Bairro Senhora da Glória (Évora – Portugal). It was a session in which we had to adjust our approach a little bit since the students were having more trouble in creating the storyboard for the final video they had to record. …

ViSuAL 1st cycle experiment № 2 – JAMK and OSMO Gimbal

ViSuAL experimenter Markku from Finland used OSMO Gimbal with his students. Have a look at the overview of his experimentation.

ViSuAL team gave good feedback about the project

ViSuAL project team recently had a chance to give feedback and share their ideas about the project already for the fourth time during the project. Although there were some critique and many practical suggestions, we are happy to say that ViSuAL team members are more satisfied than ever before with the overall effectiveness of the project …

ViSuAL 1st cycle experiment № 18 – Tartu and Flowbox

ViSuAL experimenter Liina from Estonia used Flowbox with her teacher students for video diary posts during their very first school practice. In this video she talks what the students thought about this.

ViSuAL 1st cycle experiment № 14 – AERES and EdVisto (class 2)

ViSuAL experimenter Narda from the Netherlands used EdVisto video tool with her students for practicing coaching techniques and peer feedback. Have a look at what she has learned.

Teacher trainers and students gave feedback to experimenters and companies

ViSuAL project team assessed the satisfaction and experiences related to the experiments of the first cycle (last academic year). Opinions about the actual use of the video tools and about participating in the experiment itself were gathered and analyzed. In the end, five Educational Technology Companies and five Higher Education Institutions received valuable feedback from …