Video-Supported Education Alliance

Workshop with teachers from Elvas (Portugal) – EdVisto

The Primary School of Boa Fé team came to University of Évora for a workshop about editing videos with the Edvisto tool. In this workshop we also talked about collaborative learning, knowledge building and storytelling. We also seized their presence to apply the pre-experimentation questionnaires.

Workshop with teachers from AEMFP in Évora (Portugal) – Bloco Gráfico

Today the three teachers from Agrupamento de Escolas Manuel Ferreira Patrício who are going to work with Universidade de Évora’s team in the experiment came to the university facilities to record some videos and prepare the video-problem we are going to use. It was a very interesting exchange of experiences and the expectations about the …

Experimentation preparation in Évora (Portugal) with teachers from AEGP – EdVisto

Another working meeting with the teachers of Gabriel Pereira High School. This time they were filling out the pre-experiments questionnaires and we worked with the EdVisto tool in order to improve the technical skills. In this team the professionalism has been evident, coupled with the will to learn and the good mood.

Experimentation in Évora (Portugal) with teachers from AEMFP – Bloco Gráfico

Today we met two of the teachers who’ve been working with the ViSuAL Project University of Évora and Bloco Gráfico. The work was very pleasant and consisted mostly on the planning of the activities and the filling of some forms to gather information before starting.

ViSuAL project @ VET Congress 2019

ViSuAL research team will present a paper @ VET Congress 2019 to be held in Bern, Switzerland, 4 to 6 March 2019. “Video-supported collaborative learning: A literature review towards the identification of sound pedagogical models for conceptual thinking and professional development” José Ramos, Alberto Cattaneo, Frank de Jong, Sirpa Laitinen-Vaananen, Äli Leijen.

Preparation of experimentation in Elvas (Portugal)

In the last 6 February the Universidade de Évora’s team visited the Primary School of Boa Fé in Elvas, to record the storyboard and work with teachers who will do one of the experimentations with EdVisto tool. On February, 26th will be the time of these teachers to come to the university for a workshop …

ViSuAL project at the Teacher Education Forum (Finland)

“The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture organized a forum on teacher education on 5 April 2018 at JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland. At the forum, a so called ‘project market’ was arranged to give the floor for project providers to introduce their work. The ViSuAL-project was visually present at the market and project …