Video-Supported Education Alliance

Most teachers do not use video tools in a way that contributes to developing conceptual thinking and problem solving skills as relevant work-life competences of the knowledge worker. Europe-wide, there is a need for e-competent teachers in utilizing e-learning with leading digital collaboration solutions. The same holds for pedagogical knowledge of designers in educational technology companies. Video-based e-learning and knowledge building are 21st century approaches; the modernization of European higher education institutions calls for a workable pedagogy and skilled teachers to take on the up-to-date video supported collaboration solutions for creative teamwork in online environments.

Video-Supported Education Alliance (ViSuAL) is an Alliance of 6 HEIs-Teacher Education (HEIs-TE) and 6 Educational Technology Designers (ETDs) co-creating an evidence-based pedagogical model for Video-Supported Collaborative Learning. The developed solution develops students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills that are important for navigating the increasingly turbulent, knowledge-intensive and entrepreneurial work-life. The model bridges school and practice, which is important for vocational education and training (VET) and teacher-educators (TE). Furthermore, it will encourage video content creation and sharing as a rising work-life competence. The models will be used and taught in TE so that teacher-students become familiar with Video-Supported Collaborative Learning as an educational tool.

Experiments of the first cycle
Here you can find short overviews about the experiments conducted in the ViSuAL project from autumn 2018 until spring 2019.

Experiments of the second cycle
Another set of experiments will be conducted in autumn 2019 and spring 2020.


You can keep an eye on ViSuAL activities also on the project blog www.visual.uevora.pt and on social media.

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Here is a video where the ViSuAL project coordinator Prof. Frank de Jong introduces what this Erasmus+ project is about.